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Is anything new for 2017-2018?

New Verification Process
2017-2018 Verify Your FAFSA

Easy, Mobile, Personalized
Online portal to manage verification tasks
Smart web forms for easy completion
Secure document upload from any device
Automated reminders & update notifications
Built-in signature
This is a new process for the 2017- 2018 aid year.  All students selected for verification will need to create an account in order to view requirements and submit documents.  Please log onto your PAWS account at and select the “Click here” link, you will be directed to the GSU Verify FAFSA tool.
Georgia State University will determine your aid eligibility, only when all of the requested documents have been received and processed.  Documents should be submitted electronically using the upload feature.
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Is anything new for 2017-2018?
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Is anything new for 2017-2018?