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How will the change of the early FAFSA benefit me?

March 14, 2017
The IRS Data Retrieval Tool is unavailable at this time.  We are waiting for further updates from the IRS as far as availability.  Please use student/parent information from tax returns to complete the FAFSA.

No more tax estimates. Because the FAFSA will ask for older income and tax information, you and your parents, if applicable, will probably already have done your taxes by the time you fill out your FAFSA, and you won’t need to estimate your tax information and then go back into the FAFSA later to update it.
  • Import tax information directly from IRS. You and your parents, if applicable, may be able to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT) to automatically import your tax information into your FAFSA. (Learn about the IRS DRT at
  • Improved ability to meet Georgia State financial aid deadlines. Because the FAFSA is available earlier, you may feel less pressure due to having more time to explore and understand your financial aid options and apply for aid before GSU's financial aid deadlines. Also, you will likely receive financial aid eligibility information in advance of the admission decision deadline, encouraging more thoughtful and informed enrollment decisions.
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How will the change of the early FAFSA benefit me?
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How will the change of the early FAFSA benefit me?