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How do I apply for Summer Aid?

For students currently enrolled; to be considered for summer financial aid you must complete the Georgia State University Summer Application, available late February. This includes Hope and Zell Miller scholarship recipients. Students complete the summer application in PAWS.  

For priority consideration, our office must receive your application by March 27.  If we receive your application after that date, you may need to pay for summer school on your own. However, we will continue to review applications after that date.  You must also have a 2016-2017 FAFSA on file for this award year.

Students already awarded aid for summer; do not need to complete the Summer Application.

Summer Application Instructions:

  1. Please log into PAWS at or visit and click on PAWS under the Students tab.
  2. Log in to PAWS, then select the Finances tab.
  3. Go to the Financial Aid Information menu (section on the bottom right).
  4. Click the Access My Financial Aid Information link.
  5. Click the Summer Application link.
  6. Select current award year.


New students and Re-entry students admitted for summer do not have to complete the Summer Application.  You will automatically be reviewed once you have completed the FAFSA. 


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How do I apply for Summer Aid?
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How do I apply for Summer Aid?