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Why don't I have any PELL for summer?

Federal Pell Grant offers assistance to high need students working toward their first bachelor’s degree.

Summer Pell Grant is not always available for most students.  Only students who did not use their full-time Pell Grant during Fall and Spring will be eligible for any "leftover" Pell for the summer semester

If you received the Pell Grant at a previous school in the current award year, you may not be eligible for summer Pell at Georgia State.

*Please keep in mind that it is against federal regulations to receive federal financial aid at two different schools at the same time. 

If you are over awarded with the Pell Grant for any reason, it will be removed and you will be responsible to pay back Georgia State for the overage.

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Why don't I have any PELL for summer?
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Topic 28025-548

Why don't I have any PELL for summer?