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How does financial aid work as a transient student?

Transient students are Georgia State degree-seeking students not enrolled for the term at Georgia State and enrolled 6 or more hours at another institution. Georgia State is considered to be the home institution and the school you will be attending is the host institution.

Federal regulations prohibit students from receiving aid from more than one institution during the same academic term. Therefore, all requests for financial aid during terms of transient study must be filed with Georgia State, not the host institution.

If another school is your home school, that school is responsible for processing your financial aid.

Transient students must complete the Georgia State Intent to Study Off campus form. This form is available in the Office of Financial Aid. A letter from the academic advisor showing that the class(es) will transfer back to Georgia State and will apply toward a degree program must be provided to the Financial Aid Office. Georgia State will send a consortium agreement to the financial aid office of the host institution.

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How does financial aid work as a transient student?
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How does financial aid work as a transient student?