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What is Satisfactory Academic Progress?

In order to receive federal financial, and state aid, federal guidelines state that a student must maintain the standards for  Satisfactory Academic Progress.   Student must meet all three (3) standards.

Progress is measured by:

1. Qualitative Standard - The student's cumulative grade point average

  • Overall GPA is measured by Academic Standing requirements

2. Quantitative Standard (Pace of Progression) - The number of overall credits earned in relation to those attempted

All students must complete at least 66.66 percent of all courses attempted at any college attended. The completion ratio is measured by dividing total hours passed by total hours attempted. .

3. Maximum Time Frame - The maximum time frame allowed to complete the academic program

A student is eligible to receive financial aid for a maximum number of overall attempted hours.


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What is Satisfactory Academic Progress?
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What is Satisfactory Academic Progress?